Meet the People Who Bring the Funny

Church of Satire High Council

Meet the people dedicated to ensuring your live entertainment experience lives up to the Church of Satire Comedy Club name. Our team works day and night in order to ensure that all our events and performances run smoothly. Our team has one thing in common: a passion for making Church of Satire Comedy Club an awesome experience for each and every one of our guests!

Jim Bryan


Jim quit his high paying executive job to live his dream of being a comedian. Owning a comedy club is just icing on the cake.

Pat Conroy

Media Manager/Photographer

Pat Conroy has unexpectedly discovered a third-vision… through the lens of a camera. He uses cosmic influences to get amazing shots the first time (not counting the hundreds of bad shots.

Aaron Conroy

Technical Director

Aaron Conroy is the latest in a long line of technical prodigies. Finding instructions to be a waste of time, Aaron’s inate electronic prowess makes him the logical choice for technician.

Kreg Paul

Creative Director

Kreg Paul is the man who brought Jim's vision into reality. Kreg brings artistic vision, a keen ability for building things, a sharp wit, and worldly intellect to the Church of Satire team.

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